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Why NeoGen Labs ?

We are not just another diagnostic lab. In case the result of the screening test is positive for a disorder, we support the physicians and the parents in their efforts to treat the infant. We set up consultations with the experts, help with confirmatory testing and sourcing of diets. We do this daily.

We are constantly evaluating new technologies to improve quality and lower costs. We participate in newborn screening events throughout the year to learn from the experiences of others with similar programs.

Standards Compliant

NeoGen Labs follows worldwide standards in newborn screening. We use the dried blood spot sample (used by newborn screening labs all over the world) collected on a filter paper. The filter paper blood collection form used by NeoGen Labs is custom designed especially for us by GE Healthcare, taking into account the harsh environmental and transportation conditions faced in India. The bar coded filter paper meets all CLSI newborn screening standards to ensure that sample integrity and patient data are not compromised.


The First Step Newborn Screening Program uses interpretation based on screening data of over 3.5 million babies for the disorders screened by Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS). The MS/MS interpretation allows us to accurately call the presence or absence of the screened disorders.

ACMG Newborn Screening Panel

The NeoGen newborn screening panel is based on the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) Core and Secondary panels. NeoGen Labs screens for 47 of the 54 disorders included in the panel.

Quality Control

NeoGen Labs participates in the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) Newborn Screening Quality Assurance Program (NSQAP), quality control program based on dried blood spots. Nearly every newborn screening program and laboratory in the world (over 75 in 58 countries), participates in this quality assurance program.

Our lab is also accredited by NABL and CAP for all the tests we do.

Each and every baby's life is precious, and we recognize that. Many of us at NeoGen are parents and feel the way you do about your baby. That is why there are no shortcuts or compromises when we do the testing. We strive to get it right the first time, every time.